30 thoughts on “People Who Hate Michael Jackson Graph”

  1. 90% of people didnt not hate the greatesman that ever lived and will ever live.x im only 14 and i love michael jackson. WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT PERSENTAGED FROM??????????????????????? if that many people hated michael jackon how come this is it(50 days booked and still people wanted more tickets)and all his other consets were sell outs?

  2. thats kinda stupid….. they like him after death. y not while he was alive? i dearly miss him my idol. but its good people like him now he deserves the attention better late then never….. people who agree e-mail me….


    love michael till death

  3. WELL if u hate him then HATE ON! because we were the ones always there for him defending him, chasing him every where he goes yea who else other then Michael Jackson would we hunt after? we do it because of strong love we do it because he is like no one else on this world when friends abandoned us like u do him his music was a friend to us when my boyfriend would constantly cheat on me and i cried alone at night in my room holding my pillow tight wishing for Michael Jackson you are not alone gave me strength and cheered me up i played it loud and i felt like he was right in the room with me of course you wouldn’t know how we true loving unturning fans feel because you haters live a good life you never knew pain like i and MJJ have you never had to deal with Joe jack son saying your ugly your nose is so big you dont look like my child then shrinking it and being made fun of everyday saying u have no nose you dont have a skin disease that turned you from black to white and you dont get janked on for it you dont have lupus or flesh eating skin disorders that makes you need to be covered from head to toe or the sun will give you cancer do you? no didn’t think so why hate him for something he cant control instead of that
















    Michael is da man and i am a true fan started at 9 im 21 now and i will never stop loving this awesome man i have listened to haters talk about better artist and i have searched many other music artist and have discovered none like MJJ i fall asleep watching other concerts so what girls put on a thong and shake there a**s while someone raps or sings ive seen enough of that big deal she still dances while you trash her call her degrading names big deal MJJ didn’t need to disrespect any 1 to get peoples attention he he just got it like that he brings the new and fresh we run to see him as for your other so called great artist i say a big YAWN! cause MJJ u da u da best i ever had

  5. who the fuck do yall think yall are yall my man mjwhen he dead but when he alive u acuse him of shit he ain’t even fuckin do and bitches who hatin on him better wach ya back because that is my man yall talkin about and any one who know what i sayinn rite m3 bak

  6. Omg u people are idiots it’s obviously a joke. It’s not a real survey ! And stop telling people to burn in hell that’s not what michael would want. We all have our own opinions and why can’t you just accept that there are people who don’t like michael. I personally love the man, he is amazing. But I think it’s so true that before mj died people hated him and said he was wacko and plastic and all that shit. Then when he passed away everyone was like “omg I love him” even the same people who said that crap about him. What’s with all the hate in the world?I love you mj. xx

  7. What did Michael Jackson love served between his warm moist buns? 12 year old wieners.

    What did Michael Jackson say to himself when he couldn’t get an erection? Just beat it, just beat it.

    What did Satan say to Michael when he descended into hell? Get the hell out!

    Why was Michael Jackson always buying new mirrors? Because he could only look into a mirror only once before it cracked.

    Why did Michael want a pet chimpanzee? Because he always wanted a twin brother.

    Why did Michael’s plastic surgeon panic? Because he misplaced Michael’s nose during a consultation.

    What is black and white and dead all over? Michael Jackson.

    What was Michael Jackson’s favorite thing to drive? A 13year old Macaulay Kulkin.

    What was the day considered by the huge number of haters of Michael Jackson when he croaked? A thriller.

    What is considered a painful expression? Anything bearing Michael Jackson’s face on it.

    What was Michael Jackson’s favorite holiday? Halloween. He always looked the part.

    Why did Michael name his child Blanket? Because mattress seemed more befitting for an obese child.

    What was Michael Jackson’s favorite kind of jelly? Johnson&Johnson’s KY Jelly.

    What made Michael Jackson rise to the occasion? When he walked past a junior high school and the eight grade boys were at PE.

    What was Michael Jackson’s greatest fear? That his voice would sound like a man.

    Why did Michael Jackson only wear one glove? Because he had too much hand lotion on his other hand.

    Why did Michael Jackson divorce Lisa Marie Presley? Because he wanted to marry Elvis instead.

    What did the mortician do after preparing Michael’s corpse? He changed vocations.

    Why did Michael Jackson catch fire during the Pepsi commercial? Because of all the plastic inside michael.

    Why do some people defend Michael Jackson? Because being an adult and having only a fifth grade education permits one to dwell in the ghettos and admire garbage.

    What’s uglier than Michael Jackson? Nothing.

    How did Michael Jackson teach 11 year old Macaulay how to masturbate? ABC… Easy as 123.

    What did Michael Jackson do in a 1978 motion picture he was in? He took a Whiz.

    Why did Michael Jackson start using Viagra? Because a 12 year old was stiff competition.

    What’s the worst that can happen? Michael Jackson’s ghost becomes earthbound.

    What magazine did Michael Jackson always keep by his bedside? Boy’s Life.

    Why did some people buy Michael Jackson albums? Because they’re tone deaf. They can’t tell the difference.

    How would somebody greet Michael Jackson on the phone that didn’t know him personally? Good afternoon mam.

    What was Michael Jackson’s favorite kind of dream? A wet one.

    What do you call five pubescent boys in bed with a 50 year old man? A lawsuit ready to happen.

    Why does shit happen? Because Michael Jackson records, tapes and CD’s still exist.

    Whats’s superfluous? Anything and everything associated with Michael Jackson.

    Why was Oprah Winfrey so distraught when Michael Jackson died? Because something uglier than her has just died.

    Why did the media overplay Michael Jackson’s death to the hilt? Because real news comes last.

    What would Michael Jackson sometimes have dried on his lips when he awoke in the morning? 12 year old semen.

    What would Michael’s 12 year old bed partner have on his lips in the morning? 12 year old scotch.

    Oh, I’ze gettin’ tired yall. Gotta gits me somes sleep. Nighty, night yall!

  8. Oh my god science debate…
    don’t you feel stupid spending so much time on humiliating and offending a person you haven’t even known ? This so has no standard!! really, guys like you are either too lazy or too stupid to build up an own opinion, you are slaves of the media. Oh and by the way, I am quite sure you envy Michael Jackson, probably you have a hard time getting a girlfriend, sry for you lad but no surprise with your negative attitude.
    Who agrees with me please write me picker88@gmx.de

  9. who the fuck is Micheal Jackson… he was a satanist and now burning in hell and hope he burns till world end….hahah fuck his family and all that think he was a good man

  10. look for all you guys who hate Michael Jackson i will pray for you.. He was one amazing man. Yes he had moments but who doesnt? i miss hearing his music all the time soo shut up.. God has him in heaven with the angles, and we cant judge people on actions b.c. know one knows what he really went through.. i love Michael Jackson very much and i hope he sees this from heaven.

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  12. the person who said, “Who the hell is Michael Jackson?” is so stupid. you don’t know michael jackson???? hahaha 😀 poor you :p
    he is the greatest entertainer ever!

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