19 thoughts on “Snowman Truck”

  1. I am the traveler.
    Here i go to my next page…. there will be rules later…

  2. i live in Cambridge, UK; a year or two ago someone got arrested and fined for making a massive snow penis in a public area. crazy shit.

  3. Okay, this is hilarious, but I guess I will be the party spoiler here. Where is the common decency in public? Doesn’t anyone care what children see and hear anymore?

  4. Children who recognize it (for what it is) have already seen it. And those who haven’t, won’t. So, why care about what is either superfluous or harmless? Common decency is only identified by contrasting it with the indecent and (presumably) the children you believe need protection from such images, <> children, cannot by definition make the distinction.

  5. This is helarious, but I have to be the party pooper here. Don’t we have any concern for what our children see and hear nowadays?

  6. It’s people like Said who twists anything and everything in order to justify sordid studidness. It’s no wonder our moral values are disappearing in this country. This will be my last comment on the issue because “you cannot argue with a fool and you cannot fix stupid, so I won’t try.

  7. Also, argumentation on the internet ist pointless…

    P.S. As a personal Sidenote: What times are upon us when logic appears as twisted thinking to people? ;]

  8. This is by far the funniest caption to a picture like this. I don’t really agree with the dick actually driving the truck, but so be it. I don’t agree that a child will not wonder what that is if they don’t know, god forbid go depict it elsewhere unknowingly. Children will repeat and ponder words and ideas, what makes you think they will not ponder something like this? I’ll never forget a certain 8 year old calling another a lesbian, because she thought it meant a pretty girl.

  9. Wess, it’s just a penis. 50% of the people on the planet have one. It’s not actually indecent in and of itself.

    And fu*k the children. I’m not their babysitter nor am I here to set ANY sort of example for them. If you want to keep your children ignorant of basic anatomy, do so. Frankly, it’s just a snow sculpture and no more offensive or disgusting than YOU think it is.

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