5 thoughts on “Feminism – Strong Until Things Get Difficult”

  1. You know what? I don’t think this is funny at all. Independent until things get difficult? Doesn’t that describe almost everyone’s reaction to hardship? The fact that as human beings we rely on each other to get through tough times is in NO. WAY. at all contradictory to, or even related to the values of feminism.

  2. Amelia, grow up and accept the joke. Women fought for equal rights. Get ready to be insulted EQUALLY like everyone else

  3. This is an unfortunate result of SOME feminists, NOT ALL feminists, stating that women are tougher, smarter and more capable than men. Men are slope-headed cave-dwellers you know? This is actually kind of funny, not very nice, but funny. I know a large number of women that this picture describes perfectly, lol.

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  5. Ha Ha – this is precious! I know a lot of women like this – all tough talk, and image until their car breaks down, the TV won’t turn on, the toilet backs up, or they see a spider….Then its: “Why won’t a REAL MAN stop what he is doing and HELP poor little old me?!”

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